Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Streamlight® Stinger DS® LED HP

My work entails inspecting older apartment buildings for problems so that the owner can make an informed decision to renovate or to demolish and rebuild.  Ideally, what I need when working in buildings without power, or for night inspection for pests, is a strong flashlight that throws a beam a good distance and also provides sufficient lighting of a wide area.  This is why I purchased a Streamlight® Stinger DS® LED HP from  On high, this flashlight throws a beam over 1550 feet—essential when I am inspecting stairwells in these older buildings.  Medium also provides bright light and a longer run time.  The low setting is 14,000 candela, so it still throws enough light to read labels in fuse boxes or old door plates.  There is also a strobe setting in case of an emergency.  All this light is powered by a NiCd battery that can be recharged 1000 times.  At just over $90, this is a great buy.  I recommend to anyone who wants a good light.

Jordan in MI

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