Friday, May 2, 2014

Streamlight® ProTac® EMS

As a first responder, I need a good light so I can see to treat victims.  I like the Streamlight® ProTac® EMS.  This 4” light offers unique capabilities for an EMT.  Using the tail switch, I can access 3 levels of light.  The low setting is great for examining the patient’s pupils, with just the right amount of peripheral light to see consensual reaction.  When I want to look at wounds, I can click the tail switch twice for medium, and on high I have a beam distance of nearly 250 feet to view an accident scene.  All this power comes from only 1 AA battery!  The ProTac® EMS is convenient for me to carry in its nylon holder or clipped to my pocket.  At less than $35, this is an excellent tool any EMT would be glad to have on hand.  I am telling all my friends about it and

EMT Mike in PA

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