Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Streamlight® PolyTac®

If you want a flashlight that weighs only a quarter of a pound, is less than 6 inches long, and yet puts out an extremely bright beam, you can’t do better than the Streamlight® PolyTac®.  I use my PolyTac® when I’m checking my oil and belts.  And you can’t really complain about high cost.  This Streamlight® is less than $35.  I plan to buy more from FlashlightDistributor.com to use at home.  http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=88850

Pete in DE

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Streamlight® E-Spot® FireBox®

If you want a reliable lantern that you can use as a spotlight when needed, you have to get a Streamlight® E-Spot® FireBox®.  I bought mine from FlashlightDistributor.com and I have never regretted it.  This lantern has put up with being dropped and tripped over by kids and dogs.  Yet when I need a spotlight to focus on a dark alley, every time it gives me the same brightness and the same long-reaching beam.  Even on high, the charge lasts for several hours.  I would recommend the E-Spot® FireBox® lantern and FlashlightDistributor.com to anybody. 

Jason in KY

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Streamlight® 3C ProPolymer® HAZ-LO®

Work in the coal industry is already hazardous enough.  This is just one reason our safety officers use the Streamlight® 3C ProPolymer® HAZ-LO® to inspect tunnels for danger before sending in the men.  They chose it because the beam from the C4® LED is well over 500 feet long.  It has also earned a Class I Division 1 rating that allows us to take it anywhere we need it.  We can’t trust just any light under hazardous conditions, and Streamlight has earned our trust.  http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=33820

Chris in ND

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Streamlight® PolyStinger® LED

It’s the brightness that counts.  That’s what I always say when someone questions the value of  my Streamlight® PolyStinger® LED.  I can get the numbers that are advertised for the candela and the lumen output.  But they don’t convey the satisfaction I get when I push the button and get an absolute flood of brightness.  I can be working in my backyard or walking down the street where the streetlights don’t function—it doesn’t matter.  Whenever I turn on my PolyStinger® LED, there is LIGHT.  I have not found a flashlight of this quality at a comparable price anywhere else than FlashlightDistributor.com. http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=76110

John in MI

Friday, September 5, 2014

Streamlight® Buckmasters® Camo Twin-Task® 2L

I found the Streamlight® Buckmasters® Camo Twin-Task® 2L when I was searching online for a good hunting/hide light.  The green LEDs are bright enough to allow me to aim, and the xenon bulb is good for setting up and climbing into my hide.  I like the lanyard too.  It keeps the Twin-Task® from getting lost in the dark.  Great service from FlashlightDistributor.com.  I will order again.  http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=51025

Tim in MT