Monday, August 26, 2013

Stinger® Lite Pipe

Not only is the Lite Pipe perfect for working on poorly lit breaker boxes, it’s also perfect for power outages.  I was working on an alternator in my garage, and I had no idea the power went out until the kids interrupted me.  At first I thought they came to visit.  I should have known better.  They complained they could not play on the computer.  I handed them another Lite Pipe, and suggested they finish their homework at the dining room table while I finished the car.  I recommend the Lite Pipe for any work area, and it’s great when the power goes out too.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stinger® DS LED HL

I had to write as soon as I could to say I really like the Stinger® DS LED HL.  We got into camp late the other night, and I could not believe how useful this new Streamlight turned out to be!  I had one of the boys stand back and hold it while the rest of us set up.  The HL lit up the entire campsite and made it so bright we could actually see what we were doing with tent stakes and sleeping bags.  We were able to set up everything in record time.  From now on, we are taking this flashlight wherever we go camping.  Good work, Streamlight!