Thursday, December 19, 2013

Streamlight Vantage Red Helmet-Mounted Light announces the new Streamlight Vantage® Red Helmet-Mounted Light.  This compact light easily attaches above or below the brim on fire helmets, industrial helmets and hard hats.  The Vantage’s C4® LEDs emit 7,000 candela for a beam of over 182 yards.  This light rotates 360 degrees on its clamp and features a bright blue taillight LED.  Streamlight donates $3.00 from each sale of red Vantage® lights to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation® whose mission is to honor America's fallen fire heroes and assist their survivors.  The Vantage® Red Helmet-Mounted Light is in stock and ready to ship from  Call 1- 877-749-5110 or e-mail

Streamlight ProTac HL Headlamp announces the new Streamlight ProTac HL® Headlamp.  This headlamp is extremely bright at 540 lumens, and its 7400 candela beam will reach over 188 yards.  The Ten-Tap™ programming allows the user to select which light program is suitable for the job.  The head tilts 90 degrees so you don’t have to strain your neck to get the right light.  The ProTac HL® Headlamp is in stock and ready to ship from  Call 1- 877-749-5110 or e-mail

Friday, December 6, 2013

Streamlight WayPoint®

The blizzard hit as predicted, and I was stuck in a drift a few blocks from my house.  Fortunately, I was close to the curb and not blocking anyone’s driveway.  I decided to walk home and come back for the car once the streets were cleaned up.  But I could not leave the car without any marker, or the snowplow might move it for me.  I had bought a WayPoint® from for just such an emergency.  This light produces 210 lumens and throws a beam over 700 yards.  But just then, I didn’t need that much light.  What I wanted was a warning beacon to show that my car was there.  So I set the WayPoint® on its stand and turned on its strobe setting.  The strobe lasts for 5 days without interruption, and I knew that long before that I should be able to move the car.  Then I made my slow way home.  The following afternoon, I got a call from the city that I could go get my car.  They thanked me for leaving the strobe, and remarked that more people should do so when they find themselves in the same situation.  Of course, I made sure to recommend and the WayPoint®.