Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo

The Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo is a great light.  It’s anti-static and non-conductive—Class I, Division 1—so it’s Intrinsically Safe for hazardous conditions.  The LEDs make it super bright.  Safe and bright means I have plenty of illumination when the power is out to check on a gas leak without worrying I will be blown to bits.  The helmet mount feature (there are actually two ways to mount it) allows for hands-free work.  And it’s not expensive to run on AA alkaline batteries either.  I recommend the Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo to anyone who needs a reliable flashlight.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Siege™ Alkaline Lantern

With the number of storms that can knock your power out, owning a Siege™ Alkaline Lantern from Streamlight® is a must.  This handy lantern is easy to carry.  It can be hung from its handle, or from a D-ring on either end of the lantern.  If I need more light, all I need to do is to remove the globe/cover to get direct LED light.  So when I hang it from the bottom D-ring with the globe off, it’s like having a working ceiling light.  If I have to take this lantern out in the rain, it’s waterproof and won’t short out.  Its compact size makes it really easy to store.  It uses LEDs instead of Xenon or other bulbs, so I won’t need to replace them in this lifetime.  And a selling point for me is the fact that the Siege™ runs on 3 regular alkaline D batteries--I have continuous light with little trouble even during the worst storm.  At under $50.00, I can afford to put a Streamlight® Siege™ in my car and another one in my house.  Great light, Streamlight®, and great service, FlashlightDistributor!