Thursday, December 19, 2013

Streamlight Vantage Red Helmet-Mounted Light announces the new Streamlight Vantage® Red Helmet-Mounted Light.  This compact light easily attaches above or below the brim on fire helmets, industrial helmets and hard hats.  The Vantage’s C4® LEDs emit 7,000 candela for a beam of over 182 yards.  This light rotates 360 degrees on its clamp and features a bright blue taillight LED.  Streamlight donates $3.00 from each sale of red Vantage® lights to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation® whose mission is to honor America's fallen fire heroes and assist their survivors.  The Vantage® Red Helmet-Mounted Light is in stock and ready to ship from  Call 1- 877-749-5110 or e-mail

Streamlight ProTac HL Headlamp announces the new Streamlight ProTac HL® Headlamp.  This headlamp is extremely bright at 540 lumens, and its 7400 candela beam will reach over 188 yards.  The Ten-Tap™ programming allows the user to select which light program is suitable for the job.  The head tilts 90 degrees so you don’t have to strain your neck to get the right light.  The ProTac HL® Headlamp is in stock and ready to ship from  Call 1- 877-749-5110 or e-mail

Friday, December 6, 2013

Streamlight WayPoint®

The blizzard hit as predicted, and I was stuck in a drift a few blocks from my house.  Fortunately, I was close to the curb and not blocking anyone’s driveway.  I decided to walk home and come back for the car once the streets were cleaned up.  But I could not leave the car without any marker, or the snowplow might move it for me.  I had bought a WayPoint® from for just such an emergency.  This light produces 210 lumens and throws a beam over 700 yards.  But just then, I didn’t need that much light.  What I wanted was a warning beacon to show that my car was there.  So I set the WayPoint® on its stand and turned on its strobe setting.  The strobe lasts for 5 days without interruption, and I knew that long before that I should be able to move the car.  Then I made my slow way home.  The following afternoon, I got a call from the city that I could go get my car.  They thanked me for leaving the strobe, and remarked that more people should do so when they find themselves in the same situation.  Of course, I made sure to recommend and the WayPoint®.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Streamlight® Strion LED HL describes the Strion LED HL as “super-bright.”  The numbers used are 500 lumens and 10,000 candela.  I recently found out what these really mean.    One of the kids failed to let the Min Pin back into the house in a timely manner.  The poor dog thought we’d abandoned her and found a way out of the yard in her efforts to find us.  Some hours had gone by and it had gotten dark before we noticed she was missing.  There were four of us out combing the alleys and backyards with every Streamlight® in our possession.  I had grabbed the Strion LED HL, and I was so grateful for the 200-yard beam length.  I think due to this light, and due to calling the Min Pin’s name till the neighbors thought we’d lost our minds, we finally found her huddled near the back steps of a house in the next block.  Thanks, FlashlightDistributor.  I will recommend the Strion LED HL to all my friends.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Streamlight® TLR-2 HL

When I got a new Glock 22, my wife bought me a Streamlight® TLR-2 HL from  She said the customer service rep agreed with her that if I had to have a pistol for protection, I should also have a good light on it.  It certainly attached to the Glock easily enough, and the C4 LED’s 12,000 candela are more than adequate to sight an object at distance.  I had occasion to use it recently when I heard a disturbance in the backyard.  What should my TLR-2 HL find far down the fence line but a buck with quite a rack.  I had to let him go as the city frowns on firing a gun within its borders.  Only one problem, now I want one for the Smith & Wesson.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Streamlight® Buckmasters Trident

During deer season, I need a good headlamp with green LEDs and plenty of beam distance.  I ordered the Streamlight® Buckmasters Trident headlamp from  The white LEDs provide 4000 candela which is great for getting to and from the truck with all my gear and with or without a kill to carry.  I can easily switch to green LED light in the hide—and I still have 85 feet of beam distance for spotting.  I also like the strap over the head; it makes the headlamp feel more secure whether I wear a hat or not—and much less of a “vice grip” than headlamps without a vertical strap.  I highly recommend the Trident.  It has already helped get our venison for the season.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Streamlight® E-Flood LiteBox HL

During a trade show in Kansas City, I stopped by’s booth.  The salesman there was very helpful and explained the latest products they had from Streamlight. I asked about a good light that would illuminate a dark basement during severe weather.  That’s always a concern in this part of the country.  He showed me the new E-Flood LiteBox HL.  This light produces 3600 lumens of brightness, which he said would certainly light up my surroundings no matter how dark it was.  Then he showed how the beam can be changed from a flood light to a spotlight that can light up objects over 1000 feet away by turning a knob on the front of the light.  He demonstrated the power of the spotlight by pointing the focused beam at the ceiling of the showroom.  Although the place was brightly lit with arc lamps, I could see the light from the LiteBox’s C4 LEDs very plainly.  I was convinced and bought one.  Sure enough, the power went out just last night.  I set the LiteBox on the coffee table and turned it on.  There were no complaints about the darkness after that.  Great light!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Streamlight® PolyTac 90 LED

I work for a construction company.  Our foreman asked the company clerk to find us some good, easy to carry flashlights.  She found the PolyTac 90 LED on  It’s water resistant, so we don’t have to be too concerned if one gets left outside by accident.  I like the carabiner D-ring and the clip that rotates so I can mount it any way I want.  It’s impact resistant, too…I dropped it to make sure.  This is a great little light, very bright for its size.  I would recommend these anytime.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stylus Pro

The Streamlight® Stylus Pro flashlight is my family’s favorite light.  I bought several as Christmas gifts last year, and everyone loves them.  The C4 LEDs are very bright and illuminate any project with ease.  And the Stylus Pro goes into their pockets smoothly when they are done using it.  My son had his brother hold his Stylus Pro while he worked on his car engine.  No complaints from the younger brother that his arm got tired—or from the mechanic that the light wasn’t bright enough.  I wish Streamlight had sold these lights when I was a kid!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Streamlight Flashlight Beam Patterns

I found this article while looking for information on beam pattern comparisons.  I couldn’t improve on it, so I’m sharing it.

Streamlight Flashlight Beam Patterns

Having the right flashlight that meets your lighting needs is important. That's one of the reasons Streamlight developed three series of lights:

Tradition, High Performance (HP) and High Lumen (HL). Each series offers a different balance of features and can be used for a variety of applications

Tradition Series: Meant for general, multi-purpose use, these lights are designed for the broadest range of lighting applications at the best value.  Characteristics include: Optimal balance of candela and lumens, longest regulated run times, the best value.  Uses include:

Day-to-day industrial use, law enforcement duty light, maintaining vehicles, general contracting work.  FlashlightDistributor products include: PolyStinger® LED/DS® LED, Stinger® LED/DS® LED, Strion® LED, TLR-1®/TLR-1s® (weapon-mounted light), TLR-2®/TLR-2s® (weapon-mounted light).

High Performance (HP): A good choice for down-range applications requiring optimal beam distance, as these flashlights throw light a long distance.  Characteristics include:  High-candela beam, delivers long-range lighting, sheds a bright peripheral beam.  Uses include: See all the way to the end of a dark alley or down a wooded path, inspecting utility lines from the ground, search and rescue missions and Down-range illumination.  FlashlightDistributor products include:  Stinger® LED HP/DS® LED HP, Strion® LED HP, TLR-1 HP™ (weapon-mounted light), TLR-1s HP™ (weapon-mounted light).

High Lumen (HL): Gives you maximum illumination, providing full situational awareness by delivering extraordinary brightness in a wide beam pattern.  These lights are ideal for smaller areas where you need a lot of light, but not an exceptionally long reach.  Characteristics include:  High lumen beam, delivers maximum illumination, provides a good level of candela.  Uses include:  Clearing a dark scene or searching an alley, lighting a campsite, vehicle stops or searches, wherever you want wide scene illumination while still being small enough to fit in your pocket.  Flashlight products include: ProTac® HL™, Stinger® LED HL™/DS® LED HL™, Strion® LED HL™, TLR-1® HL™ (weapon-mounted light), TLR-2® HL™ (weapon-mounted light).


I was searching your site recently, trying to get ideas for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers.  I saw “The LOGO” and ordered one right away.  This little light is bright enough to find keyholes and dropped keys, yet small enough to hang on a zipper.  And I can have a company logo put on the reverse side if I want!  This will make a great gift for Christmas and business promotions, and I intend to order many.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Stinger® Lite Pipe

Not only is the Lite Pipe perfect for working on poorly lit breaker boxes, it’s also perfect for power outages.  I was working on an alternator in my garage, and I had no idea the power went out until the kids interrupted me.  At first I thought they came to visit.  I should have known better.  They complained they could not play on the computer.  I handed them another Lite Pipe, and suggested they finish their homework at the dining room table while I finished the car.  I recommend the Lite Pipe for any work area, and it’s great when the power goes out too.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Stinger® DS LED HL

I had to write as soon as I could to say I really like the Stinger® DS LED HL.  We got into camp late the other night, and I could not believe how useful this new Streamlight turned out to be!  I had one of the boys stand back and hold it while the rest of us set up.  The HL lit up the entire campsite and made it so bright we could actually see what we were doing with tent stakes and sleeping bags.  We were able to set up everything in record time.  From now on, we are taking this flashlight wherever we go camping.  Good work, Streamlight!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo

The Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo is a great light.  It’s anti-static and non-conductive—Class I, Division 1—so it’s Intrinsically Safe for hazardous conditions.  The LEDs make it super bright.  Safe and bright means I have plenty of illumination when the power is out to check on a gas leak without worrying I will be blown to bits.  The helmet mount feature (there are actually two ways to mount it) allows for hands-free work.  And it’s not expensive to run on AA alkaline batteries either.  I recommend the Streamlight 3AA ProPolymer® Haz-Lo to anyone who needs a reliable flashlight.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Siege™ Alkaline Lantern

With the number of storms that can knock your power out, owning a Siege™ Alkaline Lantern from Streamlight® is a must.  This handy lantern is easy to carry.  It can be hung from its handle, or from a D-ring on either end of the lantern.  If I need more light, all I need to do is to remove the globe/cover to get direct LED light.  So when I hang it from the bottom D-ring with the globe off, it’s like having a working ceiling light.  If I have to take this lantern out in the rain, it’s waterproof and won’t short out.  Its compact size makes it really easy to store.  It uses LEDs instead of Xenon or other bulbs, so I won’t need to replace them in this lifetime.  And a selling point for me is the fact that the Siege™ runs on 3 regular alkaline D batteries--I have continuous light with little trouble even during the worst storm.  At under $50.00, I can afford to put a Streamlight® Siege™ in my car and another one in my house.  Great light, Streamlight®, and great service, FlashlightDistributor!