Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Streamlight® ClipMate®

I am out in the woods a lot hunting, hiking, or camping and sometimes I don't have enough hands to carry everything. I bought the ClipMate® (part #61102). It clips to your hat and has a handy elastic strap headband and lanyard. With three LEDs and up to 40 hours of runtime on 3 "AAA" batteries, there is no reason I am not prepared when it gets dark. I also have one in my basement in the event of tornado warnings or loss of electricity. Living in the middle of tornado alley, I have to be prepared and after getting this light, candles just aren't effective anymore.

(Brenda from KS)

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Streamlight® Key-Mate® Review

Of the Streamlight flashlights I own, I must admit that the light I use the most is the Key-Mate® (part #72101). I take it with me everywhere I go as I have found that it has proven very useful on numerous occasions. It is just over 2 inches in length; just small enough to attach to a key ring, but not so small that it gets lost in the bunch. Besides the easy-release key ring connecter it also features a pocket clip on the side. Since it weighs just under an ounce with the batteries it really doesn't add much weight to your keys or a pocket. This flashlight is made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum and comes in either black, titanium, or Realtree® Camo. The 100,000 hour lifetime LED is available in white or green. It runs on 4 alkaline button cells that provide up to 96 hours of runtime. It is also o-ring sealed to protect it from the weather, or my personal favorite, dropping it in a puddle as I go to unlock my car. The white LED in the Key-Mate® puts out 10 lumens of light, which I have found to be enough to light up a hallway staircase and to outshine an LED camp lantern during a recent power outage.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Streamlight® PT™ 2L

(product #88031)
Excellent light. First saw it used by a police officer who said it is his backup flashlight. Great power to read addresses etc. as well as normal uses at less power. Haven't really used the strobe other than to try it out, but would be a help in an emergency situation. Thinking about buying another just for the car glovebox.

(Tom in CO)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Streamlight® Stylus Reach®

I purchased the Stylus Reach® (part #65620) a couple years ago and have since bought several more as gifts - especially for those who hunt or are into shooting sports. This flexible light is ideal for anyone cleaning their guns. It illuminates down the barrels of rifles and shotguns where a person normally wouldn't be able to see. Since it operates using 3 "AAAA" batteries and the LED lasts up to 100,000 hours, this handy light seems to last forever. Plus, it fits great in pockets, gun cases and desk or kitchen drawers. I keep one in the places I use it most. I've dropped it on a concrete floor and it just won't break. I love this light.

(Brenda from KS)