Monday, November 25, 2013

Streamlight® Strion LED HL describes the Strion LED HL as “super-bright.”  The numbers used are 500 lumens and 10,000 candela.  I recently found out what these really mean.    One of the kids failed to let the Min Pin back into the house in a timely manner.  The poor dog thought we’d abandoned her and found a way out of the yard in her efforts to find us.  Some hours had gone by and it had gotten dark before we noticed she was missing.  There were four of us out combing the alleys and backyards with every Streamlight® in our possession.  I had grabbed the Strion LED HL, and I was so grateful for the 200-yard beam length.  I think due to this light, and due to calling the Min Pin’s name till the neighbors thought we’d lost our minds, we finally found her huddled near the back steps of a house in the next block.  Thanks, FlashlightDistributor.  I will recommend the Strion LED HL to all my friends.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Streamlight® TLR-2 HL

When I got a new Glock 22, my wife bought me a Streamlight® TLR-2 HL from  She said the customer service rep agreed with her that if I had to have a pistol for protection, I should also have a good light on it.  It certainly attached to the Glock easily enough, and the C4 LED’s 12,000 candela are more than adequate to sight an object at distance.  I had occasion to use it recently when I heard a disturbance in the backyard.  What should my TLR-2 HL find far down the fence line but a buck with quite a rack.  I had to let him go as the city frowns on firing a gun within its borders.  Only one problem, now I want one for the Smith & Wesson.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Streamlight® Buckmasters Trident

During deer season, I need a good headlamp with green LEDs and plenty of beam distance.  I ordered the Streamlight® Buckmasters Trident headlamp from  The white LEDs provide 4000 candela which is great for getting to and from the truck with all my gear and with or without a kill to carry.  I can easily switch to green LED light in the hide—and I still have 85 feet of beam distance for spotting.  I also like the strap over the head; it makes the headlamp feel more secure whether I wear a hat or not—and much less of a “vice grip” than headlamps without a vertical strap.  I highly recommend the Trident.  It has already helped get our venison for the season.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Streamlight® E-Flood LiteBox HL

During a trade show in Kansas City, I stopped by’s booth.  The salesman there was very helpful and explained the latest products they had from Streamlight. I asked about a good light that would illuminate a dark basement during severe weather.  That’s always a concern in this part of the country.  He showed me the new E-Flood LiteBox HL.  This light produces 3600 lumens of brightness, which he said would certainly light up my surroundings no matter how dark it was.  Then he showed how the beam can be changed from a flood light to a spotlight that can light up objects over 1000 feet away by turning a knob on the front of the light.  He demonstrated the power of the spotlight by pointing the focused beam at the ceiling of the showroom.  Although the place was brightly lit with arc lamps, I could see the light from the LiteBox’s C4 LEDs very plainly.  I was convinced and bought one.  Sure enough, the power went out just last night.  I set the LiteBox on the coffee table and turned it on.  There were no complaints about the darkness after that.  Great light!