Thursday, March 27, 2014

Streamlight® ProTac HL® 3

Introducing the new Streamlight® ProTac HL® 3 from!  The ProTac HL® 3’s C4® LED throws a beam more than 1240 feet over a wide area.  Its TEN-TAP® programmable switch integrates 3 light programs:  1) high/strobe/low;  2) high only;  3) low/high.  The high setting produces a beam of 1100 lumens (36,000 candela), while the low setting throws a less intense beam of 35 lumens (1,200 candela).  There is also a strobe setting for signaling.  All the settings are accessible from the multi-function tail switch which facilitates one-handed operation.  So you can choose how the light cycles through the settings and only strobe when and if you want.  The body is constructed of aircraft aluminum with an anti-roll head.  The power of the HL® 3 comes from three 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries which are included in the package.  Also included are the removable pocket clip and nylon holster.  A quite remarkable light for less than $80!  The ProTac HL® 3 is available at—Now!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Streamlight® Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® Flood

I am a heavy equipment mechanic in Oregon and I often work on logging machinery.   I own a Streamlight® Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® Flood flashlight which I bought from  Logging machinery frequently breaks down at logging sites deep in the mountains.  But this is never a problem for me.  The Knucklehead has a strong magnet, a hook and a rotating head, so I can fasten it to machinery literally anywhere, focus the beam exactly where I want it and keep my hands free.  Its C4® LEDs create a floodlight beam that lights up the interior of an engine without causing a glare.  It’s also very durable, and its Class 1, Division 1 rating makes it safe from engine leaks that are common during repairs.  This is a handy light to have, and I will certainly recommend to all my friends and anyone who works with their hands.  Great service and great lights.

 Doug in OR

Friday, March 14, 2014

Streamlight® Strion® LED with 120V AC/12V DC 2 Chargers

I recently purchased the Streamlight® Strion® LED with 120V AC/12V DC 2 chargers from  I loved the price and I am amazed about the speed at which the product arrived.  I was tired of flashlights that weren’t bright enough and went through batteries way too fast.  I have two dogs that I like to take out in the evenings and let wander around my property.  I live in a neighborhood where people always seem to be out walking.  If I want to have my dogs off the leash, then I have to be aware of who might be walking past.  The Strion® LED allows me to view up all my streets to make sure no one is coming and allows me to easily find my dogs if they happen to get out of my sight.  I love the strobe feature when I am near the road to notify traffic of our presence.  Also the light allows me to easily see if there are any deer or other wildlife in the surrounding area so I can leash up if need be before my dogs even know anything is around.  This is just a fantastic BRIGHT light that is quickly rechargeable and lasts a long time on a single charge.  This is a great light at a great price for anyone who is looking for a lightweight, bright, rechargeable flashlight for everyday use.

 Ivan in OH

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Streamlight® MicroStream® Black with White LED

Last Christmas, I wanted to give something to all the employees of my heating & AC company for making our year such a success.  So I ordered the MicroStream® LED for everyone.  This flashlight’s C4® LED puts out a 683 candela beam for a distance of over 170 feet.  I was (and still am) impressed.  It is powered by just one AAA alkaline battery.  I am also happy with the ease of operation, the tail switch and with its portability.  It came with a break-away lanyard and a pocket clip too.  In addition to the light’s features, I wanted the gift engraved and personalized with our company logo and each employee’s name. was able to arrange all this for a reasonable setup fee and a very nominal cost per light.  Thank you,!
Jaime in TX