Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Streamlight® HID LiteBox®

My unit needed a good light for an accident scene, but something light and fast to set up.  So I called and the knowledgeable sales woman told me about the Streamlight® HID LiteBox®.  It’s just what we needed.  The Xenon lamp provides my team with a wide area of light, plus the one million candela light beam highlights any specific target when we utilize the swivel head.  I think it’s great that this light can be plugged into our vehicle for unlimited runtime and the battery charges while we are using it.  It’s only 10 pounds, so the shoulder strap makes it easy for anyone to carry this powerful lamp.  I highly recommend the HID LiteBox® and to all first responders.

EMT William in ND

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Streamlight® Stinger DS® LED HP

My work entails inspecting older apartment buildings for problems so that the owner can make an informed decision to renovate or to demolish and rebuild.  Ideally, what I need when working in buildings without power, or for night inspection for pests, is a strong flashlight that throws a beam a good distance and also provides sufficient lighting of a wide area.  This is why I purchased a Streamlight® Stinger DS® LED HP from  On high, this flashlight throws a beam over 1550 feet—essential when I am inspecting stairwells in these older buildings.  Medium also provides bright light and a longer run time.  The low setting is 14,000 candela, so it still throws enough light to read labels in fuse boxes or old door plates.  There is also a strobe setting in case of an emergency.  All this light is powered by a NiCd battery that can be recharged 1000 times.  At just over $90, this is a great buy.  I recommend to anyone who wants a good light.

Jordan in MI

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Streamlight® 3AA HAZ-LO® LED Headlamp

If you need an intrinsically safe headlight, the Streamlight® 3AA HAZ-LO® LED Headlamp
from is your best bet.  Not only is it Class I, Div 1 safe, but it throws a powerful beam over 540 feet.  This headlamp is my choice when I inspect grain elevators.  It came with a hard hat strap, which I use all the time, and runs on regular AA batteries.  Not a bad little light for just over $35!  I am now a fan of and recommend their lights to anyone.

Glen in NE

Monday, May 12, 2014

Streamlight® Waypoint® Rechargeable

Someone who knows boats told me if I wanted to be able to navigate at night I ought to get a good pistol-grip light.  That’s when I found and discovered the Streamlight® Waypoint® Rechargeable.  The first time I used the trigger switch, I had the light pointed the wrong way and all 80,000 candela blinded me almost instantly.   I then dropped it into my pool and was able to find out just what they meant by waterproof.  Then for some perverse reason, I got the Waypoint® tangled in my fishing lines.  Before I could get it safely aboard again, it was whacked against the bow a few times and yet showed no signs of damage.  My compliments to for this great light.

Harry in FL

Friday, May 2, 2014

Streamlight® ProTac® EMS

As a first responder, I need a good light so I can see to treat victims.  I like the Streamlight® ProTac® EMS.  This 4” light offers unique capabilities for an EMT.  Using the tail switch, I can access 3 levels of light.  The low setting is great for examining the patient’s pupils, with just the right amount of peripheral light to see consensual reaction.  When I want to look at wounds, I can click the tail switch twice for medium, and on high I have a beam distance of nearly 250 feet to view an accident scene.  All this power comes from only 1 AA battery!  The ProTac® EMS is convenient for me to carry in its nylon holder or clipped to my pocket.  At less than $35, this is an excellent tool any EMT would be glad to have on hand.  I am telling all my friends about it and

EMT Mike in PA

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Streamlight® FireBox® without Charger

My department is very pleased with our purchase of the new Streamlight® FireBox® lanterns from  The FireBox® always provides great light in emergent situations—we know firsthand what a beam of 80,000 candela (150 lumens) means in a fire or rescue.  My men have admired the tough housing of this lamp, its rubberized bumper and easy-to-grip handle.  But I think most often they are grateful for the two ultra-bright blue LED tail lights.  These LEDs have been a life-saver, making it easy to locate other firefighters in thick smoke and darkness.  A great lantern from a great site.  We recommend and the FireBox® to other fire departments.  
Capt. James in MI