Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Streamlight ProTac® Rail Mount 1

The Streamlight ProTac® Rail Mount 1 light features a dedicated fixed-mount for Picatinny rails.  It is powered by one AA alkaline or one CR123A lithium battery (both included), but it also accepts one AA lithium battery.  When powered by a CR123A lithium battery, the ProTac® Rail Mount 1 produces 350 lumens and a 12,000-candela beam.  When powered by a AA alkaline or AA lithium battery, it produces 150 lumens and a 1380-candela beam.  Made of anodized aluminum, this light includes a remote pressure switch, a push-button switch, double-sided tape and remote retaining clips. http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=88058

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Streamlight Argo® HAZ-LO® ATEX

The push-button switch on the Streamlight Argo® HAZ-LO® ATEX headlamp is activated easily even if you’re wearing gloves.  With the push of a button, you can operate the C4® LED for a high setting that produces a 3200-candela beam that shines over 370 feet, or a low setting that produces a 700-candela beam for up to 50 hours.  The Argo® HAZ-LO® features a 90ยบ tilting head to help prevent neck fatigue and includes a head strap, a hard hat strap and 3 AAA alkaline batteries.  But what makes this headlamp a HAZ-LO® is its safety ratings.  It is ATEX and IECEx-rated for Category 2G (Zone 1) explosive gas group IIA (except firedamp), and US-rated Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Division 1, Groups E, F, G; Class III; Exia; T-Class: T4.  So with the Argo® HAZ-LO®, you are safe in most hazardous environments. http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=61020

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Streamlight Stylus Pro® USB UV

At just over 6 inches long and less than 2 ounces, the Streamlight Stylus Pro USB UV Rechargeable Flashlight features a 325 mW ultraviolet LED.  This pen-sized ultraviolet light is frequently used to locate engine and HVAC leaks, detect fraud in treated documents and determine the presence of blood as well as other forensic applications.   The Stylus Pro USB UV charges using the USB cord (included) or an AC wall adapter (sold separately).  A water-resistant metal sleeve slides over the USB port.  Also included are a removable pocket clip and a nylon holster. http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=66148

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Streamlight ProTac® 1L-1AA

The Streamlight ProTac® 1L-1AA is a great everyday light.  It accepts a single lithium or alkaline battery (1L or 1AA), so you always have power available.  On a CR123A lithium battery, the ProTac® 1L-1AA throws a 6400-candela beam over 520 feet.  This handy, 4.25-inch aluminum flashlight comes with a pocket clip and a nylon holster, and it’s less than $40!  http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=88061