Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Streamlight® Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® Spot

Effective at long distances with its 12,900 candela, the Streamlight® Knucklehead® HAZ-LO® Spot is the ideal light for rescue or just work after hours.  You can use one or more of the 4 lighting modes powered by either a rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery or 4 AA alkaline batteries. Plus you can articulate the head in nearly any direction and fix it on your pocket with the stowable hook on the yellow model or the clip on the orange one.  Thanks to—this is one great light.

Tommy in TX

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Streamlight® 4AA ProPolyMax®

The Streamlight® 4AA ProPolyMax® offers 17,000 candela on high and 2500 on low from the C4 LED and its smooth parabolic reflector.  It runs on 4 AA alkaline batteries, but won’t run at all if they aren’t installed properly.   The body of the ProPolyMax® is thermoplastic that’s resistant to chemicals and designed to fit your hand, at only 8.2 ounces.  A powerful little flashlight for under $40!

Tony in FL

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Streamlight® SL-20XP® LED

Streamlight has outdone itself in making the SL-20XP® LED available from  This flashlight is over 13 inches long and yet weighs only 1.1 pounds because of its rugged polymer body.  The halogen bulb produces a 16,000 candela beam, and the LEDs emit another 200 candela.  It’s great that this light has an LED backup if the halogen bulb blows while I’m working.  Great job,!

Jerome in ND