Thursday, November 14, 2013

Streamlight® TLR-2 HL

When I got a new Glock 22, my wife bought me a Streamlight® TLR-2 HL from  She said the customer service rep agreed with her that if I had to have a pistol for protection, I should also have a good light on it.  It certainly attached to the Glock easily enough, and the C4 LED’s 12,000 candela are more than adequate to sight an object at distance.  I had occasion to use it recently when I heard a disturbance in the backyard.  What should my TLR-2 HL find far down the fence line but a buck with quite a rack.  I had to let him go as the city frowns on firing a gun within its borders.  Only one problem, now I want one for the Smith & Wesson.

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