Friday, December 6, 2013

Streamlight WayPoint®

The blizzard hit as predicted, and I was stuck in a drift a few blocks from my house.  Fortunately, I was close to the curb and not blocking anyone’s driveway.  I decided to walk home and come back for the car once the streets were cleaned up.  But I could not leave the car without any marker, or the snowplow might move it for me.  I had bought a WayPoint® from for just such an emergency.  This light produces 210 lumens and throws a beam over 700 yards.  But just then, I didn’t need that much light.  What I wanted was a warning beacon to show that my car was there.  So I set the WayPoint® on its stand and turned on its strobe setting.  The strobe lasts for 5 days without interruption, and I knew that long before that I should be able to move the car.  Then I made my slow way home.  The following afternoon, I got a call from the city that I could go get my car.  They thanked me for leaving the strobe, and remarked that more people should do so when they find themselves in the same situation.  Of course, I made sure to recommend and the WayPoint®.

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