Friday, August 29, 2014

Streamlight® Night Com® UV

If your car breaks down, I think the Streamlight® Night Com® UV may well be the best flashlight to have.  I ordered the Night Com® UV some months ago from  And I was driving on the Interstate recently and pulled into a rest area for gas and grub.  I noticed the engine trouble indicator was on, so I took out my NightCom® and used the C4® LED to look under the hood.  Even though the flashlight gave lots of bright light, I couldn’t see anything wrong—but I could smell something.  I turned on the UV LED.  It revealed a fine mist leaking from the engine.  I am not a mechanic, so I was taking no chances.  I called roadside assistance and got the car towed.  This is one great little light!  Thanks!

Stan in AZ

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