Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Streamlight® Stinger® Classic LED

Wouldn’t it be great if someone took the original Streamlight® Stinger® and replaced the xenon bulb with an LED?  This is what I thought after owning the original flashlight.  Little did I realize when I first checked FlashlighDistributor.com that this had been done!  I bought the Streamlight® Stinger® Classic LED.  It looks and feels like the old Stinger®, with its aluminum housing and easy-to-grip barrel, but it is even better than the original.  It now puts out 13, 200 candela on high, with a beam that reaches over 750 feet.  I can see from one end of our warehouse to the other.  This is one great light!  http://www.flashlightdistributor.com/Streamlight.aspx?Streamlight=75660

Gerry in OK

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