Monday, April 26, 2010

Streamlight Stinger LED HP

I had the chance to test the Stinger LED HP the other night. Specifically, I was using the model number STL-75760. It was a clear night in the country and the moon was nowhere to be found. There was a crisp stillness in the air with the hint of smoke. The farmers in the surrounding counties have been engaged in the springtime ritual of burning the natural prairie grass in preparation for grazing their springtime herds on the rich shoots of green grass that will appear within a week after burning.
As I stood out on the back porch, I was listening to the distant sounds of a coyote blended with the response from a lonely farm dog not far away. This was a good night to test this light. I had read all the features and benefits from the manufactures website regarding this light and frankly I was a bit skeptical because of the claims of the performance. The only noticeable difference between this light and a standard Stinger LED
(STL-75710) is the size of the lens bezel on the Stinger LED HP which increases the overall length to 9.23 in (23.44 cm) from 8.41 (21.36cm).
Then I turned it on. I could go into a long conversation about the lumen output and the candela ratings, but I will save that for another time. All I could say is WOW! The Stinger LED HP cut through the darkness like a lighthouse. The beam was solid and full. There were no dark spots in the center of the beam like with other lights that use older bulb technology. This was impressive. As I swung the light from objects near and distant and back again, the sky and ground were wrapped in a great glow that provided all the illumination I needed to see the smallest details. Next I swung it around to the shine down on a small shed about ¼ mile away. To my amazement, this LED light lit it up like a searchlight from a helicopter right overhead.
This is a very impressive light, to say the least, and at under one hundred bucks, a great deal too. The Streamlight LED HP incorporates all the standard features that you would expect to find on a light designed and built by Streamlight, including a four position electronic switch that now includes a strobe function.
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