Thursday, June 25, 2009

Streamlight Argo HP C4 LED Review

You need one of these in your tool box! I was skeptical the first time I tried the Argo headlamp because they are normally associated with miners or rescue workers in dangerous places. I figured that you needed a hard hat to use this thing. Boy was I wrong. This is now one of my favorite lights!

Here is a great “real world” example of how useful it is: This winter was unusually cold, must be all that global warming. Anyway, one of my kids left the hose attached to the spigot at the side of the house when he gave the dogs water. So that night the temperature dropped ... and of course the hose froze along with the spigot. Naturally, it broke the copper pipe inside the house. Lucky for me, and him, the line had a shut off about 12 inches away. In order to replace the now cracked spigot I had to become a contortionist because it is stuck up in the corner of the basement ceiling with floor trusses and wiring and pipes going everywhere. So there I am standing on the top rung of the ladder, wedged in between the trusses, attempting to un-solder the copper fittings, with a torch in one hand and a wrench in the other. Now if I could only see the pipe!

That’s when it hit me, I need that light! As you guys know, when you're on a ladder, it's easier to yell to your wife or kids to get something than actually climb down and do it yourself. So I yelled to my wife. I asked her to "bring me that light, you know the one that goes on your head". Then I climbed down the ladder and waited for the light to be delivered.

When I eventually got the light on my head, I climbed back up on the ladder and I was actually able to see what I was doing. Not a bad idea when you're holding a lit torch. The point is that this is a great light, hands down ... no pun intended. It has three light intensity settings and is by far the most comfortable headlamp I have ever worn. I get a lot of lights sent to me, for reveiw, from various manufacturers - well, because they want us to sell them on our web site.

The other day I received a “headlamp” from a company new to the headlamp market. Not wanting to be closed-minded, I took it home to test it and threw it in my tool box. I had occasion to use it pretty quickly and was not impressed. For starters, this new headlamp only had a single band to run around your head. The Streamlight Argo has an extra band that goes across the top of your head. I didn't think much about the single-strapped headlamp until I realized that I had a headache. I had to tighten that one, much more than the Streamlight headlamp, because it kept falling down my head as I moved around and got a little sweaty. The Streamlight headlamp's additional strap across the top of your head stops this from happening. In the end, the Streamlight headlamp puts less pressure on your head ... so, no headaches, I think that’s a good thing.

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